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Vaultron is an open source, JavaScript based password manager. It utilizes a secure password derivation function (PBKDFv2) to encrypt the user's password. A large, randomly generated master key is used to encrypt the contents of the user's Vault. Vaultron requires users to memorize only one strong password while the program stores passwords that are either created by Vaultron's built in password generator or by the user. The reason that we decided to create Vaultron is because although there are a plethora of password managers on the market, there was not one that met all of our expectations. Our goal for Vaultron is to create a desktop application that is customizable, easy to use, as secure as possible and a product that we want to use.

Why Use A Password Manager?

Using a password manager is one of the most convenient ways to prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime. Millions of people are affected by online security breaches everyday and according to an article presented on Revision Legal's website, it is only getting worse. Most of security breaches online are due to the fact that people often choose passwords that can be easily cracked with either a brute-force attack or become obtained through clever social engineering. Only having to remember one master password allows people the option to create unique passwords for each program and website account they have.